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Sunrise Farms / M.K. Ranch

A citrus grower, packinghouse and shipper that specializes in both conventional and organically grown citrus.  The company was looking to improve profitability and streamline operations in both the packinghouse and the back office.  


Packing house efficiency:  

Problem:  During preliminary analysis of the packing house consultant ascertained that work flow was obstructed due to the ā€œUā€ shape layout.  Rough product and finished product came in and went out the same door.  This prompted workers to constantly cross paths, slowing workflow effeciency and increasing accidents. 

Solution:  Redesigned the work flow of the production line and packing house so unfinished product came in the north entrance and finished product went out the south entrance.  Improved efficiency and reduced accidents by 50%.


Organizational communication.  

Problem:  Sales, field operations and management were having communication problems that increased animosity and decreased efficiency.  This prompted management to consider a layoff and restructure.


Solution:  Consultant fully immersed himself into each team for two days performing tasks as a typical coworker.  Consultant found none of the suspected employees were an issue but many of the processes and communication avenues were.  After first hand observation and having each group complete a detailed questionnaire, consultant created a win-win for the groups and for the company bottom line.      


Back office 

Problem:  Client was using a several stand alone computer systems that were not networked together.   

Solution:  Consultant recommended networked systems and implementation of accounting and CRM packages as well as redesigned filing system for items that could not participate in the paperless office. 

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