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IoT - Internet of Things

Our deep IoT ecosystem expertise will help you scale your idea from concept to deployment.  We take your solution from conception to market in a fraction and implement the right sales and marketing strategy to guarantee success.  
IoT, M2M and IoE Services IoT Ecosystem San Diego Consulting Group California
IoT and M2M technologies allow devices to share data without human intervention.  A typical IoT Ecosystems consist of Hardware, Connectivity and Software.  The confluence of cheap processing, immense storage, massive bandwidth, ubiquitous connectivity, and cloud-based applications is now driving new capabilities and transforming business in every aspect of our daily lives. 
For example, marketers are now leveraging IoT to take advantage of the interconnectivity of our digital devices to provide endless opportunities for brands to listen and respond to the needs of their customers, with the right message, at the right time, and on the right device.

San Dieg Consulting Group IoT
IoT & M2M Technology

IoT technology can be complicated.  We make it easy with our deep industry experience and ecosystem relationships. 


We will help you, design, develop, pilot, deploy and manage your smart solutions. 


Begin with our market evaluation team and end with our software delivery team to move data to and from your connected devices in a tested an reliable manner.

IoT, M2M and IoE Services Consumer & Industrial San Diego Consulting Group California
Consumer & Industrial Industry
We have extensive industry experience with:
  • Automotive Telematics, Smart Car, ITS
  • Transportation, Logistics, Tracking
  • Smart City, Building Automation, Security
  • MedTech, MHealth, Life Science, Healthcare
  • Manufacturing, Utilities, Energy
  • Agtech, FaaS, Smart Farming
  • Wearables
  • And more..
IoT, M2M and IoE Services Machine Intelligence Infusion San Diego Consulting Group California
Artificial Intelligence Infusion
Our team recognizes that artificial Intelligence enables networks of devices to effectively communicate and solve real business problems.
Machine intelligence represents the glue that binds all of the devices in the swarm networks together to perform cohesive action.
We help firms deploy learning systems and predictive models that enable optimal device performance and coordinated responses.
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