Keynote Spotlight

Kelly C. Powell, MBA

Vice President

Sales, Marketing and Business Development


Kelly has over 20 years experience in marketing, sales and business development and has directly transacted greater than $400M in commerce.  He holds an MBA in Marketing, a Bachelor of Science in Communication Technology and is an Arbitrator, Mediator and Negotiator.  He has proven abilities in streamlining, marketing, branding, team building and accelerated revenue growth.  


Kelly is a master of complex sales methodology and training.  He will break down the sales process into simple to understand and easy to deploy concepts.  His opportunity qualification trainings focus on subjects such as:  Pain, Source of Urgency, Decision Making Process, INBATS, Give to Get, and Power and Preference of Decision Makers. 


Kelly is also highly skilled at streamlining organizations and can quickly ascertain and employ resolutions to do more with less.   Some of these topics include:  Breaking Down Business Unit Silos Through Better Organizational Communication, Process Documentation with an ISO Approach and Time Motion Study. 


Kelly is a cancer survivor beating an advanced stage of Hodgkin's Lymphoma in his teen years.  Although doctors forced him to step down from his state-champion tight end football position, Kelly‚Äôs team spirit and relentless drive prompted him to walk on as a kicker while simultaneously undergoing treatments to battle his life threatening illness.  Motivational 1-1 meetings and lectures on surviving cancer are a strong passion for him.  


Kelly has a positive, winning outlook on work and life.  He will inspire and motivate your team through a wonderful mix of entertainment and education.


Doug Floyd, MBA

Vice President 

Strategy and Digital Technology


Doug has over 15 years experience in pre-sales engineering, technical sales, and business development. He holds an MBA from Chicago Booth and a BSE degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton. He has proven abilities in digital technology strategy, business process re-engineering, modeling complex business & technical solutions, technical leadership, personal branding, social media-based job search training, and technology team building. Doug produces original content on both SlideShare (presentations) and his YouTube channel (videos).


Doug is a futurist and technologist, passionate about the impact of scientific knowledge on economics and society. Doug provides valuable insight based on his broad collection of content from literature, film, and interactive media (i.e. gaming). Doug routinely posts interesting and unique material on his Pinterest and Twitter sites based on his scholarly research. Doug believes that mankind's future/fate will be based on decisions on how both technology and capital are allocated.


Doug is a positive, enthusiastic person who combines hi-tech acumen with strong personal relationships/soft skills. Doug is a go-getter who looks at the brighter side of life and takes the "glass half full" approach to overcome any obstacles. Doug can provide mentorship and coaching to help build more productive and people-oriented team players in the enterprise.


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