Organizational Communication

Organizational communication serves as the glue that holds everything together.  If your organization is not effective, you are hemorrhaging valuable resources.  Executive level goals need to be well communicated and Marketing, Sales, Operations, Engineering and other groups need to be fully aligned in order to carry them out.  



Organizational Streamlining Remove Organizational Silos San Diego Consulting Group California
Organizational Communication


Silos and smokestacks are metaphors for the inability to share information.  These isolated units must be replaced with cross-functional teams that can quickly ascertain executive level goals, identify potential pitfalls and derive the ideal strategy to achieve the desired outcome.


The first step in streamlining your organization's structure is to evaluate the existing structure. For businesses of all sizes, it is easy to get caught up in lots of red tape, excessive bureaucracy and unnecessary business processes. Keeping a tight reign on your business' processes is especially important; however, this must be balanced with an ongoing sense of autonomy. Your team needs to feel that you're a fair and flexible executive; streamlining can help you find this balance between control and flexibility.




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