Process Documentation

Using the wrong processes can be lethal. Processes that once made sense can become complex, inefficient, and time-consuming. 



Process Documentation Document what you do, do it, and improve upon it San Diego Consulting Group California
Process Documentation


What processes could be improved and/or created to help achieve your goals? 


Rebuilding your processes with a focus on simplicity is a powerful way to improve your competitiveness and energize your staff.  It's also a great way to do more with less and quickly contribute to the bottom line.


Document what you do, do it, and improve upon it.   First, “Keep it Simple.” This means that documented processes should fit your business. Bigger is not necessarily better.


All departments should have documented procedures with a focus on simplicity.  Procedures should be continuously improved to ensure effectiveness, leveraged to better work with other teams, and used as a tool to on board new employees.


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