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ERP Recommendations

We are an independent management consulting firm that guides clients through their digital transformation and ERP journeys.  We are technology agnostic and completely independent of any ERP solution we recommend.

Our priority is to recommend the most relevant solutions to fit our client's needs.  We do this through our collective experience and detailed research. 

Discussing project on screen

Organizations evaluating ERP software have hundreds of systems to choose from as there are well over 250 ERP vendor offerings on the market today.

Clearly, the ERP comparison process can be daunting, which is why we developed an evaluation process custom-tailored to each client.  It highlights the vendors our ERP experts feel best match our client's needs.  These vendors provide strong functionality across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, retail, government, and so much more. 


Today's ERP Solutions


Offer a variety of modules to better serve the unique needs of companies in diverse industries. Some of the most common ERP modules are listed below.



●  Financial Management, GL, Order to Cash, Budgeting

●  Purchasing, Inventory & Supply Chain Management

●  Sales Account Management

●  Manufacturing & Production Management

●  Business Intelligence and Reporting

●  Customer Relationship Management

●  Warehouse Management Systems

Tier Recommendations

SDCG typically breaks recommended providers into three tiers:  Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. 


Tiers are broken down by:  (1) size and history of the organization, (2) history of software and depth of ERP functionality, and (3) number of ancillary add-on modules they provide such as advance CRM, & Ecommerce. 

Tier 1.png
Tier 2.png
Tier 3.png

Below is an example of a typical client journey from Vendor Selection to Go Live.  SDCG stays neutral during vendor selection but can assist the entire way including integrators that can help with migration, configuration, training Testing and Go Live..  

Below is an example of a client workflow for one of our recent clients.  This along with understanding current pain points and future growth plans are the key building blocks needed to shortlist the ideal ERP solutions.

Client Workflows.png

Despite the cost and time required, implementing a single cohesive ERP system will provide copious benefits for a company in need of stronger back-end management and improved productivity.  SDCG is your impartial confidant to make sure the ERP system that you ultimately select is the best fit for your needs.  Contact us today.  

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