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Smart Product and Solution Development

Our deep IoT ecosystem expertise will take your solution from conception to market in a fraction of time.  We validate your product and solution idea and provide:  Design, development, integration, testing, pilot, deployment, management and create a go to market strategy to propel your success.


We provide:

1)    Market evaluation to validate your solution or product before you start expending resources 

2)    Design, develop, integrate, pilot, deploy and manage your smart solutions

3)    Marketing and sales strategy to empower your team with the tools and plan to make an impact

4)    Streamlined sales strategy that ensures the optimal channel and direct sales team performance

IoT Hardware Integration and Design San Diego Consulting Group SDCG
Hardware Design, Integration


Full-service engineering, integration, and field service solutions provider for your IoT, Process and Environmental Analytics, Industrial Instrumentation & Automation, and Electrical System needs.

Product Design 3d printing San Diego Consulting Group SDCG Consulting Services
Enclosure 3D Printing, Design


Design the optimal enclosure for yoursolution with our rapid prototyping. 


Including:  Sketch to solid, laser cutting, desktop cnc, dfam, dfma, dfm, mechanical design, IoT, IIoT, hardware, mechanical engineering, CAD Design, Product Management, and Project Management


Software platform.jpg
Software Cloud Platform
Leverage a modern serverless no-code platform to manage your solution.  Ours is a scalable , extensible, enterprise grade solution that speeds your development and deployment in a fraction.  
Our platform simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes market-facing serverless or IoT solutions deployed on AWS and other mega platform providers.
Customers can customize our platform by writing Function as a Services (FaaS) Lambda functions using one of 7+ coding languages, or by integrating with our published REST-based API framework.
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