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Operations, Streamlining

We can help your company do more with less, freeing up valuable bandwidth to achieve your goals. 


Aligning what the organization is actually doing with executive level goals is of the utmost importance.  Streamlining the organizational structure, removing silos and eliminating archaic processes can help your company save valuable resources without sacrificing efficiencies or service.  

San Diego Consulting Group - Operations - Streamlining
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Operational Strategy


  • Developing multi-year business plans with associated board and company communication packages

  • Architecting organizational redesign with helix reporting leading to high performing teams and clear career roadmaps.

  • Processes have had to be adapted to the new normal, let us help you refine them now that the dust has settled

  • Continuity between all departments with documented simple procedures that support organizational vision and embracing kaizen principals. 

Organizational Streamlining Remove Organizational Silos San Diego Consulting Group California
Organizational Development


  • Filling short term leadership gaps

  • Organizational assessment

  • Driving success behaviors with employee's and customers

  • Raising your current leadership team to new heights

  • Strategic planning and implementation

  • Interim CEO

  • Executive coaching

  • Market research

  • Project management

  • Employee engagement

  • Customer engagement

  • Leadership training

  • Business analytics

  • Change management

Strategy and Process Improvement


  • Employee Engagement

  • Remote management of employees

  • Covid-19 scaled return/assessment

  • Hiring strategy development

  • Job assessment

  • Strength assessment

  • Predictive Index

  • Hiring Strategies

  • Leadership training

  • Team development

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