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IoT Applications
Unique use cases proving anything can be connected 

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IoT Ecosystem Overview

An IoT ecosystem consists of three major pillars to take your "Things" to your "APPS"

  1. Hardware to connect your thing

  2. Connectivity to transport the data

  3. Software application enablement platform to connect to your APPS

The following are actual IoT Ecosystem Architectural diagrams for real projects.  We've highlighted some of the unusual ones as they demonstrate that anything can be connected provided there is a business use case.

IoT Ecosystem Diagram


Yes every college party goers dream but actually a reality for modern business owners.  They can now measure down to the drop how much they are making in profit. 


They can prevent loss, keep cool, and make sure adequate inventory is on hand exactly when its needed.


This is not to mention the other revenue generating opportunities here like reducing bartender staff by providing a token to customers associated with their credit card and allowing them to pour their own.  

IoT Beer Management Diagram
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The number one expense with dairy and beef cow is loss due to illness.  There are significant time and resources invested in growing and taking care of the animal.  The old method was having a ranch hand spot a sick animal but unfortunately by then it is too late. 


The solution is to have a sensor inside the cow to measure the vital signs and report back if there are issues.  As the sensor is also mesh the cows create a mesh network with each other.


A geofence could also be created and an email or SMS could be sent when they have left the geofence area.     

IoT Connected Cow Livestock Agriculture


Restaurants and other commercial businesses depend on the inventory they have on site.  If the unit is left open this can be detrimental to business operations. 

  • Temp and humidity sensors

  • Door open, door close

  • Warnings, email, SMS alerts

  • and more...

IoT Diagram Connected refrigeration
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Patients with serious conditions can still have a quality of life with a patient medical gateway.  This non clinical solution connects with all types of health sensors and feeds the data back to healthcare professionals.  This particular scenario works with

  • Cellular

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth

  • Zwave

  • NFC

 With an ecosystem architected to provide powerful, secure encrypted information back to the hospital.   

IoT Diagram Connected Health Hub


Avid riders can enjoy communication with their friends through a paring with their handheld devices.  Should a security situation arise where the rider is unconscious  or the phone is separated the helmet also has the ability to make calls directly by itself.  Connectivity options: 

  • Cellular

  • SR

  • GPS

Many more revenue generating options to be explored with this.  

IoT Diagram Connected Motor cycle helmet
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The use cases for this go on and on.  Some low lying use cases

  • Energy & Light Optimization

  • Parking lot Security

  • Weather, fog, etc...

  • Seismic activity

  • Traffic

  • Gun shot spotter

  • Gas detection

  • Drone detection & management

Many more imperative options to be explored with this.  

IoT Diagram Smart Streetligt Smart City
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