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In today's business environment your enterprise needs seasoned, experienced legal advice. 


We provide an innovative approach to legal services for growing and mature businesses. Companies who engage Outside legal resources fall into two main categories: (1) those without in-house counsel who need regular, on-going legal support but do not wish to hire a full-time in-house lawyer, and (2) those with in-house counsel who do not wish to add more full-time resources to their existing in-house staff. 

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Commercial Contracts


  • Licensing, distribution, advertising, sales

  • Biotech/pharma agreements (contract R&D, clinical trial, commercialization, manufacturing, licensing)

  • Software/technology agreements (outbound, inbound/vendor, development, outsourcing)

  • Professional services agreements

  • Real estate leases and related agreements

Counseling & Regulatory

  • Employment and immigration law

  • Healthcare regulatory (HIPAA, ACA, STARK/Anti-kickback)

  • Data privacy (privacy policies, privacy compliance, GDPR)

  • Advertising and marketing review

  • Nonprofit and trade association law

Patents & Trademarks


• IP portfolio management

• Patent and trademark: preparation and prosecution

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