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Artificial Intelligence, What You Need To Know

By San Diego Consulting Group

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating machines that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, decision-making, and language understanding. AI systems can be designed to perform simple tasks like voice recognition or complex tasks like autonomous driving.

In this SDCG hot-minute blog, we give you a crash course on Artificial Intelligence basics.

At San Diego Consulting Group, we believe each problem requires a unique custom approach to solve and provide value. We carefully evaluate our clients' needs and choose the best technology for each project. AI is one of those tools that many companies will benefit from. Let's examine more here in a Hot Minute.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be classified into two categories: Narrow or weak AI and General or strong AI.

Narrow or Weak AI:

Narrow or weak AI is designed to perform a specific task, like language translation or image recognition. These AI systems are highly specialized and cannot perform tasks outside of their designed scope.

General or Strong AI:

General or strong AI is designed to perform any intellectual task that a human can do. These AI systems can learn and reason like humans and can perform a wide range of tasks without being specifically programmed.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are a few examples:


AI is used for medical diagnosis, drug discovery, and personalized treatment plans.


AI is used for fraud detection, risk management, and stock prediction.


AI is used for personalized learning, content creation, and student engagement.


AI is used for autonomous driving, traffic optimization, and predictive maintenance.


AI is used for quality control, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization.

How Artificial Intelligence Works

Artificial intelligence involves several technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. Here is a brief overview of how artificial intelligence works:

Data Collection:

Artificial intelligence requires a large amount of data to train AI systems. The data can come from various sources, such as sensors, social media, or customer records.

Data Preparation:

Once the data is collected, it needs to be cleaned, preprocessed, and transformed into a format that the AI system can understand.

Model Training:

The AI system is trained using the prepared data to learn patterns and relationships in the data.

Natural Language Processing:

Natural language processing is used to analyze and understand human languages, such as speech or text.

Computer Vision:

Computer vision is used to analyze and understand visual information, such as images or videos.


Robotics is used to create physical machines that can perform tasks that require human intelligence, such as autonomous driving or manufacturing.


Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field with countless applications. It has the potential to revolutionize various industries by automating repetitive tasks, making accurate predictions, and providing personalized recommendations. As technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence will continue to play a significant role in shaping our future.

The San Diego Consulting Group has a team of experienced software design and developer professionals who work closely with our clients to achieve value. Our team is comprised of only the most competent people who are committed to excellence, teamwork, and the success of our clients.

Our skilled team works with the utmost integrity, openness, and honesty and will get the job done right for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

p.s. If you haven't seen the Sci-Fi flick Ex Machina (above picture), check it out pronto.


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