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Harvesting Energy From Everyday Activities

By Anmol Tiwary - Technologyandus

Generate Electricity from moving vehicles using Enlil wind turbine

As we know the demand for energy is increasing day by day, and we have the Limited amount of non-renewable resources of energy available. The consumption of more energy generated from non-renewable resources creates more pollution too, so the whole world is looking forward to developing a fresh renewable pollution-free method to generate energy. enlil wind turbine.

Wind energy is a free fresh and renewable resources thus, Windmill is being used from a long time to generate the electricity and they are mainly located in the coastal areas where the wind speed is very high. But can you think to locate the wind turbine on roadways or high ways? Will it be efficient enough to generate electricity?

Yes, it is a new form of the wind turbine has been created by a Turkish company Deveci Tech form Istanbul, the name of the turbine is ENLIL wind turbine, also known as Enlil vertical wind turbine.

This turbine uses the wind pressure generated by the fast-moving vehicles on roads such as big trucks and busses helps most to rotate its blade. It is designed with vertical long blades such that it can use the maximum amount of wind energy.

Enlil wind turbine covers the lesser area on the ground and is easy to handle it can easily be assembled and disassembled that which makes it more durable. Solar Panel is also fixed at the top of the turbine to generate extra electricity. This device can produce 1 kilowatt of electricity per hour.

Apart from this, the Enlil wind turbine also has some inbuilt sensors like carbon footprint sensor which is used to sense the amount of CO2 level in the atmosphere, it can also detect earthquake and IOT platform, these are given to ensure the comfort level of the city. As the company, Deveci Tech is dedicated to developing smart cities from fresh and renewable resources.

Companies like Enlil will change how we see the future, not only in smart cities but in everyday life.

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