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IoT Device Connections Worldwide

By SDCG Consulting

Below is a great visual on total active device connections worldwide. The figure includes predictions for total IoT connections including B2B and consumer devices as well as non-IoT devices like mobile phones, tablets, PC's, laptops and fixed line.

How does this look to you?

Chart Source: IoT Analytics

It certainly correlates with predictions we've been following that believe IoT devices will continue to spike while other types of connections will plateau.

This IoT growth and the number of connected devices continues to be driven by emerging applications and business models. Some will fail while others will succeed. It will continue to be supported by standardization and falling device costs which means it's a great time to bring worthwhile IoT solutions to market.

Do you have what you need to move your IoT offering to the next level?

* Sales: Do you need leadership with extensive IoT industry experience? Someone with direct and channel connections that can conceive and execute sales strategy?

* Marketing: Do you need marketing experience in automation, client journeys, branding, logo, website, video scripting and VC pitch deck?

* Development: Do you need someone that can help you navigate and connect you to the right: Hardware, software, enclosure, connectivity, and integration partners?

If so, CONTACT SDCG. Tell us what is working, what is not and we will implement a plan to help you Disrupt, Innovate and Grow.



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