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New Military Robot?

By San Diego Consulting Group

Have you seen the new Military Robot from Bosstown Dynamics?

A video recently surfaced showing a well-trained (well-programed) military robot shooting at people, getting knocked down and jumping back up to complete its mission. With the rate of change in tech, this is as believable as it is disturbing. I mean, if they can teach a robot to do flips, how far are we really off from this?

After some quick research we found this video is from "Bosstown" Dynamics, and was created by a talented group called Corridor. It's one of their many parodies of the amazing work by Boston Dynamics. Great job on the video, couldn't help but wonder how much the soldiers were being paid to train the robot.

It's only fitting that the robot was being hit by a hockey stick because that is the rate of change in today's business environment. Digital transformation, marketing automation and IoT, CX... are moving at tremendous speed. While we dont have shock video for this, it's perhaps more shocking to think of how your business could be left behind without embracing these technologies.

Do you have what you need to move your business to the next level?

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