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Reservoir Balls, IoT & Transformation


Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This LA Reservoir? Despite their reputation for saving water and keeping birds out, these balls were not put here just to reduce evaporation. 

The problem actually started with bromide, a natural substance found in salt water. Bromide on its own is harmless to humans, but if some of this salty water creeps into the reservoir and undergoes ozone treatment with the rest of LA's drinking water, it can form the compound bromate. And bromate is a carcinogen.

Derek Muller investigates the story. Check out this video from Veritasium...

So while this is already a great idea, how about adding an IoT ecosystem with hardware, connectivity and sensors, say to 10% of these balls? Among other things this would allow the plant to remotely measure water quality, temp and flow.

They would reduce truck rolls and could make managing the site fully automated. They would know immediately the bromate levels and water quality without leaving their office. Who knows what other data they would find. They might begin to understand if certain times of the year were better or worse for harvesting H2O...

What other kinds of business models could they derive from the data collected by an IoT ecosystem? IoT collection and data analysis almost always produce hidden ROI not always immediately apparent.

For those new to this term, IoT technologies allow devices to share data without human intervention.  A typical IoT Ecosystems consist of Hardware, Connectivity and Software.  The confluence of cheap processing, immense storage, massive bandwidth, ubiquitous connectivity, and cloud-based applications is now driving new capabilities and transforming business in every aspect of our daily lives. 

Are you designing or contemplating a new IoT or digital transformation solution? Our deep IoT ecosystem expertise will take you from concept to market in a fraction of time.  We have the connections and can validate your solution or idea. We provide:  Design, development, integration, testing, pilot, deployment, management and create a go to market strategy to ensure your success.

We provide:

1)    Market evaluation to validate your solution before you start expending resources 

2)    Design, develop, integrate, pilot, deploy and manage your smart solutions

3)    Introductions to hardware, software, connectivity and integration partners

4)    Streamlined sales and marketing strategy and optimal channel relationships

At the San Diego Consulting Group, we enable our clients to surpass their goals with custom strategies that deliver tangible results. Together let's create an innovative strategy that will disrupt your industry, grow your bottom line, and exceed your needs.

Find out more about the San Diego Consulting Group today: CONTACT US We deliver more than just ideas. we deliver results.



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