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Things Have Changed, Are You Prepared? We Can Help.

By The San Diego Consulting Group

It's no surprise that most businesses took a beating this year due to the pandemic. Enterprises continue to be forced to navigate financial and operational challenges while addressing the needs of their people, customers and suppliers.

How has your enterprise adapted during the pandemic? Do you have the right people, process and training in place to be successful? Are you leveraging the right technologies?

For people and process, SDCG is not just a management consulting firm, we also offer fractional executives to step in and roll up the sleeves. We are comprised of only the most competent C & VP level executives with decades of experience. Our Sales Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Operations, IoT and Digital Transformation expertise will transform your enterprise. More on our SERVICES

For technologies, the pandemic has pushed development and adoption forward significantly. One could argue that the adoption mindset has been pushed forward a decade. Look at how everyone has adapted to Zoom meetings or how we've adjusted to virtual trade shows. There is a good chance we may never go back to the way it was.

Below is a quick list on the effects Covid-19 has had on enterprise digital transformation. Which ones are you leveraging? Which ones could your enterprise benefit from?

1: 5G has been pushed forward faster

2: WiFi 6 — Still Coming Soon

3: Analytics continue to prove a competitive advantage

4: AI and Machine Learning are powering businesses through the pandemic

5: Blockchain to fight and fix damaged supply chains

6: RPA/IPA Continue to grow post-COVID to meet the cloud accelerated by AI

7: Conversational AI ready to answer questions and provide additional efficiencies

8: Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) proving their value in office, school or the coffee shop.

9: Connected vehicles, drones and other technologies will continue to expand

What are your thoughts? What else could be added?

San Diego Consulting Group provides custom solutions to help our clients solve complex business problems. Together, let's create an innovative strategy that will disrupt your industry, grow your bottom line, and exceed your needs.

We deliver more than ideas, we deliver results. Find out more today: CONTACT US

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